Fundraising Tips

Tips For Successful Fundraising

Social Media

Utilizing social media is a simple and effective way to fundraise. Share your story and fundraising page link via Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and LinkedIn, and don’t forget to tag @TeamLurieChildrens.

  • Leverage your fundraising page and create a QR code
    • Put it on everything!
      • Posters
      • Stickers
      • Share it in a newsletter
  • Tap into your network and announce your fundraiser with a post on your platform of choice (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.)!
    • Share why you are fundraising for Lurie Children’s
    • Create a challenge. For example, ask for a donation in the amount for the day, June 1 = $1…June 30 = $30. The challenge is up to you, but challenges get your audience to take action and spread awareness!
    • Include a call to action. What do you need your supporters to do? Don’t be afraid to ask!
    • Interact with your audience. Social media is designed for conversations and engaging with others. Reply to people’s posts, retweet, like posts, and use @ mentions.
    • Encourage friends, family, classmates, colleagues, and others to re-post to help spread the word!
    • Post about milestones to help drive donations
    • Do a big push the week before your event! (If applicable)
  • Create Instagram Stories
    • Download or screenshot any of our templates and GIFs to share via your story.
    • Highlight your efforts and encourage followers to donate
    • Shout out supporters
    • Always link your fundraising page
  • Add your fundraising page to your social media bio and tell followers they can message you to learn how to donate, too!

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