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What is the deadline to register online for Aon Step Up for Kids?

The deadline is Tuesday, January 31 at 12 p.m. (CST) or when capacity has been reached (3,250).

What is the cost of registration? Are the registration fees refundable?

Registration for all adults is $50 plus the $100 minimum fundraising pledge. All adults must commit to the minimum fundraising commitment ($100). While children 12 and under are always free, they are still encouraged to meet the minimum fundraising commitment ($100). Both the registration fee and the minimum $100 fundraising commitment are non-refundable.

How many people do you need to form a team?

Two people are required to form a team. There is no maximum number of people allowed on a team.

Can I join a team after I've already signed up as an individual?

Yes. Please contact us and we will assist you further.


What is the minimum fundraising amount and what is the deadline to turn in pledges?

Each Aon Step Up for Kids participant is committed to raising a minimum of $100. All donations must be turned in by the time of the event.

What online fundraising tools are offered to Aon Step Up for Kids participants?

Steppers are encouraged to create a personal fundraising page on our event website where you can track fundraising, store contacts and share your personal story.

What happens if I do not reach my minimum $100 fundraising goal by the time of the event?

If the minimum pledge amount of $100 is not received by the time of the event, Lurie Children's has the authority to charge the remaining balance due to the participant’s credit card on that date.

Where can my contributors go to make a donation?


The fastest and easiest way is to refer your supporters to the personal fundraising page you create on the website. For those who prefer to write a check, checks should be made payable to Lurie Children's Foundation (please write the stepper's name on the memo line) and mailed to:

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
Attn: Step Up for Kids
225 E. Chicago Avenue, Box 4
Chicago, IL 60611

Are donations made on my behalf tax deductible?

Yes, all donations in which goods or services are not received are 100% tax deductible. Registration fees for the event are not tax deductible.

Will Lurie Children's Foundation acknowledge my contributors?

Lurie Children's will send a gift receipt and acknowledgment letter to anyone who makes a donation on behalf of a stepper within 10 business days of receiving the gift.

How can I find out if my company offers a matching gift?

First, check to see if your company has a matching gift program for health organizations. The website, MatchingGifts.com can be helpful indetermining which companies match donations. Complete a matching gift form (available from your company's Human Resources department) and send it in with your donation.

How can I check my fundraising totals throughout the program?

You track your fundraising efforts via the participant headquarters. This tool allows you to log on and review your pledges any time. When a donation is made online, it is processed automatically and is added toward your fundraising total. Donations made by check or money order will be processed and counted toward your total within 10 business days after it is received by our office.

Event Details

How many floors are there in the Aon Center? How many total steps?

There are 80 floors and 1,643 steps.

Are water bottles allowed in the stairwells? What floors have water stations?

No. For safety reasons, water bottles are not allowed in the stairwells. For your convenience, water will be offered on floors throughout the climb. Water will also be available at the event food court located on the mezzanine level of the main lobby.

What floors have restrooms?

Restrooms will be available on floors during the climb. There is also a public bathroom for participants and guests in the lower lobby.

How early should I arrive on the day of the event?

Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your start time.

Is there onsite gear check at the event?

There will be a complimentary secured gear check at the Aon Center monitored by volunteers. Each stepper is required to check all gear, as personal items are not allowed past the main lobby of the event. No cameras or cell phones are allowed in the stairwell. Your gear will be checked according to your bib number. We cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen items, so please do not check anything of value.

What if I have a question that isn't answered above?

Please contact us and we will assist you further.

Start Times

How are start times assigned? Can I change my start time?

Start times will be uploaded on February 2, 2023

How can I guarantee consecutive start times for my friends, family and me?

To guarantee consecutive start times, you must form a team of at least two people.

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